Things to Keep in Mind When You Book Hotels Online

Are you planning a long trip this season? A hill station might sound a perfect but often many travelers want to sleep in a pocket friendly priced hotel. There are few tips and tricks that you can follow to get a great deal and a hotel that suits best your requirements and budget.

Online Hotel Booking –

Book budget hotels in India online might sound good but today most of the hotels offer big discounts on the online room booking simply to secure the top spot in the Google search, the discount prices offered are sometimes pushed below a range of profit or just above it.

If you are just looking to get the best price and it is the only criteria then go for it, but if you are look quality then actually paying a few bucks extra might be the right thing to do. Check the online sites; there are many sites which display prices from various hotel sites at one place. Check that day’s lowest price, take the listed prices as the starting point, and try negotiating with the hotel you want. And no doubt, you will get a better deal of it.

While you call the hotels reception for enquire or book room, make sure you call between 3 PM to 6 PM because that is the time slot when you can get the cheapest prices.

online hotels booking
Online Hotels Booking

Toilets and Germ Go Hand in Hand –

You might not know this but the toilet is not the worst in terms of germs. The items found to have the maximum number of germs is usually the remote controls, switches etc.

Avoid handling it directly or use a wipe to clean the surface first. Though it might sound wasteful it is actually a better to ask for fresh linen.

Last Minute Cancellation –

This one is the dirtiest trick in the book, and can help you in getting away from paying the eleventh hour cancellation fees. Call of the hotel reception and talk them into postponing the same room you booked to the next week. Chances are the reception will gladly do so. Now, all you have to do is call them up in a day or 2 to cancel the room reservation, in this way you won’t have to pay any last minute cancellation fees.

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